Team Hive

Tomas Florian
Enterprise Architect and Security Analyst

Tomas offers twenty years' experience as a senior IT Manager. As computer scientist with a passion to find solutions to the toughest IT problems, he shares a deep and broad understanding of nearly every corner of information technology. This in-depth experience and understanding of corporate demands has helped in the creation and development of DataHiveSecure's diverse range of services.

Tomas is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), proficient in deep dives in identifying technology vulnerabilities, assessments, and security architecture for clients. This skill has helped ensure DataHiveSecure has not been hacked nor compromised in the over fourteen years. His ability in developing client-specific security planning helps clientele to be more proactive in their approach to security management.

Gavin Chen
Technical Support Specialist

Gavin, is a perfectionist, and never happy until he has solved any in-house challenge that may arise. With a University degree in Computer Science and Certification in Technology Infrastructure he is uniquely qualified to bring valuable insight into every aspect of DataHiveSecure's Corporate Operations and especially oversight of Security Management.

Gavin is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and the go-to Support Specialist for DataHiveSecure clients. As the constant hands-on expert eyes and ears he is also the Compliance Administrator for best practices in operational performance as they relate to policies and procedures.

John Zhao
Network and Operations Manager

John has contributed over sixteen years in designing, implementing, maintaining, and supporting DataHiveSecure's growing network infrastructure. He is a key player in DataHiveSecure's systems engineering team responsible for creating and developing highly available network architecture.

John's role includes building out DataHiveSecure's Points-of-Presence in some of the major buildings in Calgary. This helps support the continually growing Internet Service Provider (ISP) Hotel, now with over thirty participating providers.

John maintains a responsive relationship with DataHiveSecure clients by solving their problems and fulfilling their requirements, often before requested. With attention to detail and insight, he helps set the stage for future endeavors. As a resourceful and imaginative resource for DataHiveSecure's clients, John's proven knowledge, is a valuable asset to the company and clients.

Brenda Yackle
Business Administrator

Brenda is an accomplished CPA with over twenty years' experience as a business executive. Her wide-ranging career brings valuable knowledge focused on administration and organizational controls. Her knowledge is uniquely suited to work with DataHiveSecure's diverse structure and clientele.

Marjorie Zingle
President and CEO

After establishing DataHiveSecure, a full service data centre, she recognized the need for complementary, reliable Internet support and security management systems. As such DataHiveSecure continually assesses the direction and speed of emerging technology and the need for well-qualified support staff related to security threats. With continuing insight, she insures corporate investment in mission-critical support, hands-on managed services, and responsiveness to client requests.

Additionally, Marjorie has welcomed more than thirty Internet Service Providers (ISPs) thereby expanding DataHiveSecure's Internet service from an Alberta entity into a global ISP Hotel with a worldwide reach.

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