Threat detection and prevention

DataHiveSecure provide a team of security experts to manage and monitor a client's network and devices for potential threats. Our team also provide incident response and remediation services.

We offer consulting services to help our clients understand their security needs and implement solutions to meet those needs. This can include things like risk assessments, penetration testing and security audits.

Vulnerability assessments

Vulnerability assessments are an important part of a comprehensive security strategy and DataHiveSecure offer this service in several ways:

  • On-site assessments: DataHiveSecure sends our experts to the client's location for conducting a comprehensive assessment of their systems and network. Our experts will identify vulnerabilities and will provide recommendations for mitigating them.
  • Remote assessments: DataHiveSecure conducts vulnerability assessments remotely, using tools and techniques to scan the client's systems and networks from a remote location.
  • Automated scans: DataHiveSecure uses automated vulnerability scanning tools to identify potential vulnerabilities. These tools can be scheduled to run regularly to ensure that new vulnerabilities are identified as soon as possible.
  • Network and infrastructure audit: DataHiveSecure conducts a thorough audit of the client's network and identifies the vulnerabilities in it. We can also provide a report and remediation plan for the vulnerabilities found.
  • Penetration testing: DataHiveSecure can conduct a simulated cyber-attack on the client's systems and networks to identify vulnerabilities that may be exploitable by a real hacker.

Incident response

DataHiveSecure offer incident response planning and readiness. We help the client develop and test an incident response plan, that includes identifying key stakeholders and conducting regular exercises to ensure the plan is effective. DataHiveSecure also offer forensics and investigation - in case of a security incident, we conduct a detailed investigation to determine the scope and impact of the incident and the methods used to carry it out.

Network security

Our experts help the client design and implement a secure network infrastructure by selecting appropriate hardware and software, configuring devices and implementing best practices for securing the network. We can help the client segment the network to create a more secure environment, this can be done by creating virtual LANs and configuring firewalls and access controls to limit the spread of malware or unauthorized access. We also provide firewall management which include configuring and maintaining client's firewall devices, monitoring and responding to threats.

Cybersecurity training

Cybersecurity training can help the client's employees and the executives to become more aware of the risks and to understand the importance of maintaining security. This can help to reduce the likelihood of a security breach and minimize the impact of any breaches that can occur. We provide a wide range of cybersecurity topics, such as secure password management, safe internet browsing, identifying phishing email and avoiding social engineering tactics.